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Holdings & Property Management

Mammoth Ventures is a full service real estate investment & property management firm. This seasoned team of real estate managers is dedicated for each corporate, institutional, multi-national or local client. Our senior finance specialists and real estate specialists bring diverse expertise in property disposition, value analysis, and finance structuring for all property types, including office and apartment buildings, lofts, hotels, commercial and residential development sites, taxpayers, parking garages and lots, retail condominiums and air rights transfers.

Building from its roots in development and financial structuring, we have added an array of complementary services, each of which has been strategically developed to provide a comprehensive and client-focused resource. All of these services can be accessed through a single point of contact. A Mammoth Ventures real estate advisor with breadth and depth of knowledge harnesses all of our resources on a client's behalf.

Today, in addition to participating with major institutions, corporations and property owners in transactions, Mammoth Ventures provides extensive consulting and management services including: financial services, property and asset management, as well as construction, development, brokerage services.