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Significant Financial Resources

Mammoth Ventures' deep financial resources allow the firm to support on-going investments and capital improvements for portfolios, properties and/or companies, to tolerate short-term, temporary fluctuations in the market as well as to commit quickly and with confidence to a transaction.

Commitment to Long-Term Relationships

Consistent with its approach toward equity investing, Mammoth Ventures is committed to pursuing "strictly friendly" relationships & transactions regardless of our position. Mammoth's culture emphasizes respect and integrity in dealing with outside parties and reflects a long-term approach to creating and cultivating relationships with operating partners, financial partners, buyers and sellers.

Alignment of Interests

Recognizing the importance of aligning the firm's interests with those of its investors, Mammoth Ventures and its employees own most of the equity of our private entity and the firm - including its employees, have a substantial vested interest in capital investment endeavors.

Unparalleled Deal Flow

Mammoth Ventures commitment and reputation as one of the leading financial entities and private equity investors allows the firm access to unsurpassed deal flow. Few significant real estate private equity investments have been completed in the last few years without Mammoth's evaluation or participation.

Network of Strong Relationships

Mammoth Ventures has developed a strong network of domestic and international relationships with leading financial institutions, operating partners, senior business executives and government officials. This network and Mammoth's International Advisory Board, comprised of very senior, well-connected executives from the corporate, financial and political arenas has allowed the firm to access key information and deal execution resources at critical points in the investment process.

Mammoth Synergies

As part of a fully integrated investment and private equity firm, Mammoth Ventures enjoys and extends its direct access to professionals with experience and expertise in all aspects of finance and investing. These resources provide timely and in-depth knowledge of critical capital market trends, valuation protocols for a diverse array of asset classes and crucial insight into risk assessment and management for various investment situations.